SWOS Scene: WWW.SENSIMAN.NET, Sensible Manager (SM) - manager SWOS on-line; 10 lig, gramy od 2000 roku!
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Lectures of prof. Bliszka

Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 is an absolute the greatest football classic game. Great depth in teams and tactics. Long distanse shots, funniest headers. SWOS is the most fun game. Brings back good old memories. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied!

Lectures of prof. Bliszka!
Cycle of lectures it informations, where Sensible World of Soccer has been thoroughly researched and presented in the form of affordable materials. Recommended to all who are interested in football topics. (English version is not currently available).

  • 0.SWOS.pdf - Beginner`s guide
  • 1.Form.pdf - Footballers` efficiency (TAC Tactics Form)
  • 2.Juniors.pdf - Trial players
  • 3.Tactics.pdf - Creating tactics
  • 4.Parameters.pdf - Parameters and player skills
  • 5.Tournaments.pdf - Review of all international competitions
  • 7.Match.pdf - Match characteristics ( Training addition)
  • 8.Career.pdf - Challenges and inspirations for Career

Autor: Bliszka, Data: 10.08.2008