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SWOS 96/97 Full NoCD

At: SWOS 96/97 [DOSBox offline and online versions] NO-CD with all SFX is uploaded PC SWOS 96/97 patched by Olesio. After unpack archive - game is ready to play using DOSBox. But if you need this game under old real PC with MS-Dos, just copy whole SWOS97 directory to your oldskool machine.

Information about file contents and game modifications:

  • Included SWOS++ which do not display "This Windows version is not supported" under some OS or DOSBox and you do not must press any key after that message.
  • This version works without CD image, but contains all chairman and other movies, only without 3 minute pop video.
  • All English Commentary voices are included, and do not cutted like in cracked version by Hybrid (sws.exe comes from Hybrid release, but one important place in code was fixed by Olesio to hear commentary voice properly). Data was taken from Full CD nrg image uploaded by Playaveli (thanks).
  • This version contain original teams data and custom data. You can only use original data with it. Latest squads from Total Pack update unfortunately can freeze game and I do not have enough knowledge to analyze it and fixing.
  • DOSBox is configured to run this game.
  • Simple DOSBox choice menu: 1 = English with swos++ addon; 2 = English without swos++ addon; 3 = German without swos++ addon; 4 = French without swos++ addon; 5 = Italian without swos++ addon.
  • A small swos97_dosbox.exe written by Olesio, execute DOSBox with game.conf file and hide DOSBox console.

Source: PC SWOS 96/97 for original teams data

Autor: Bliszka, Data: 23.09.2013