Dreaming of OpenSWOS

What is OpenSWOS?

OpenSWOS is nothing. Zilch. Nada. OpenSWOS is just a concept. Basically, it is the name of a hipotetic release of SWOS' source code.

Why then?

SWOS might have the playability, but it is an incredibly ageing game on formal aspects such as sound and graphics. However, most people agree that the game system should be kept intact.

So a release of SWOS' source code would mean that hardcore Sensi fans with programming knowledge would be able to extend the development of the game. While retaining the gameplay algorithms, people would be able to port SWOS into other computer platforms, or change aspects such as the game's sound and graphics. The game could be tweaked to enable higher resolutiuons. Even the gameplay could be changed to give birth to different SWOSes. For those who had an Amiga, I'd like you to think of games or hacks such as Sensible Moon of Soccer, Sensible Massacre (the one with the goalie and grenades), or UnSensible Soccer (the one with the oranges).

Perhaps someone could even come up with a construction kit. Remember SEUCK?

Ok, what about Sensible Software?

I don't really know Sensible Software and I am not affiliated, but apparentely they are in a bad financial situation. If they still own SWOS' source code, I think they could capitalize on its release. Maybe they could own the rights for CD-ROM distribution of 'SWOSes', maybe they could sell their construction kit and their own tweaks. This has been done before, and had good results.

Dreaming of OpenSWOS

by Eduardo Sousa - May 1999