Football is Our Love

Finally Sensible Software were bought by Codemasters. On my request, Codemasters stated they haven't yet any plans for future Sensible Soccer releases. We have to rely on Codemasters eye for the fans, which they have successfully proven with Colin McRae Rally and some other great games.

The question that every Sensi fan will be asked sometimes is what makes Sensi such a great game. It is a question difficult to answer, but I'll go for it:

1. Sensi People. Sensible Soccer was and is a small product from a group of people who always showed their commitment to computer gaming in general, and to computer football in special. There is no big marketing hype like EA Sports does every year, there is just the game which shows quality just as is.

2. Sensi History. FIFA after all derived from a console game, from an ugly, bad console game. Sensi has a longer history, and it has always been a history of pride and fame.

3. Sensi Research. Not only many Sensi fans carefully modify the player data provided with the game, the folks at Sensible themselves always give their best to ensure correctness of teams and players. It enerves me when the German version of FIFA has incorrect and vastly outdated Austrian player data, but with Sensi, I never had such problems. Beside that, SWoS has the largest ever database featured in a sports game, only the allmighty Championship Manager 3 boasts even more.

4. Sensi Openness. It is a fact that Sensi is open to everyone, to those who just want to play some minutes during a break, and of course also to those who want to win World Cup without conceding a goal. You don't have to handle four or even ten buttons, the player control is so logical you don't even have to explain it.

5. Sensi Gameplay. After all, everyone knows that Sensi is the GoG, the God of Gameplay. FIFA 99 made me doubt (beware!), but when I played FIFA 2000 for the first time, I finally understood that the FIFA defense without unfair fouls in in fact no defence. You run through the opponent's rows and then you shoot a goal. Imagine that ten times in a row... You've just imagined a FIFA game.

6. Sensi Fairness. If you play with Andorra against Brazil, you still have a chance to win, with some luck on a good day. It is never impossible, like in all the other games! On the other hand, playing with Brazil is never a guarantee to win against the likes of Andorra. You'll always be challenged, in every single Sensi game you play.

I have enjoyed the original Sensible Soccer, I enjoy SWoS, I am enjoying SS:ECE, and I shall enjoy SWoS2000, or whatever comes...

by David Haardt - November 19999